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These are my tried and tested favorite resources for hosting, email marketing, client mangement, website design, privacy policies, and more! I only recommend that which I already know, trust, and love. I think you’ll love these options too.

*Please note that some of these are affiliate links. The cost is the same (or reduced!) for you. The only difference with an affiliate link is that I get an affiliate payment if you decide to keep using the service. My promise to you is that I don’t ever create affiliate relationships with any platforms or providers that I don’t know, trust, and love. Most of these are the systems I use to run Physis Publishing! I welcome you to ask if you have any questions about them.


Premium WordPress Theme for Designing and Building Your Website

Email Marketing

Client Management Online Booking and Billing System

Always Up-to-date Privacy Policy Generator

Lynn did a fantastic job on my logo and website. They reflect my personality perfectly.

She was always quick when I needed her to be, and patient when I needed time. She also gave me lots of guidance with my website content, which I really needed. Then she even made a detailed video walking me through the backend of my website, showing me how to edit things myself (although I usually have her do my updates, since I’m also using her hosting services).

Wonderful service and experience, all around. Highly recommend!

Leah Schurian

Woodhaven Law

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic