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You deserve a website and online presence that represents the heart and soul of your business. You want to start this venture with the long game in mind and create your digital home, for keeps. 

We can help you create your business-love in a way that is oh so aligned with who you are and what you offer the world. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs get clear on their soul-mate purpose and then share it impactfully, combining a keen eye for the little details plus a broad vision with legacy potential.


Get Exactly What You Need:

1. Get a stunning web presence that is perfectly you without spending months figuring out how to DIY it. Start serving your people… no more delays!

2. Get clear and beautiful branding and a professional, impactful logo that captures the essence of your business. Make a first impression that grabs the attention of your people.

3. Set up your online business systems and communication funnels so that you never miss an opportunity to make a difference. Nurture each and every new lead into a loyal customer who loves to sing your praises.

4. Get the direction you need and a plan to get started. This online business, solopreneur, modern-age healing business stuff doesn’t have to be so complicated!

5. Combine all of these services so that you hit the ground running. With a solid foundation, a long-term plan, a gorgeous website that speaks to your people, professional branding, SEO, and marketing setup, you’ll be shining alongside the best of the best in no time.


My experience working with Lynn was fantastic. The project was collaborative – communication was ongoing and she sought feedback from me on what direction I wanted to go throughout the process. She had suggestions and provided direction when I was stuck.

The end product is exactly what I was looking for. A visit to my website is now a smoother and more intuitive experience for clients AND it still feels like “me.”

Suzanne Vardy

Compassionate Parenting

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic

We Make This Easy

and Discounts Apply for Combined Services:

5% discount is applied when you decide to work with us for any combination of these service packages.


I recently hired Lynn to revamp my counselling website. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Everything from design layout as well as the functional aspects like booking/scheduling turned out better than I had imagined. These changes have freed up more time I would have spent booking clients myself.

I think it also helped that Lynn has a background as a therapist so she was able to consider changes/improvements in this context that other designers may not have been able to think of.

Lynn was so wonderful to work with… she was friendly, patient, clear and skilled. The experience went so well I have now hired her to help revamp my blogging site.

Tanya Ward, Registered Counsellor

Aspen Counselling

Lynn did a fantastic job on my logo and website. They reflect my personality perfectly.

She was always quick when I needed her to be, and patient when I needed time. She also gave me lots of guidance with my website content, which I really needed. Then she even made a detailed video walking me through the backend of my website, showing me how to edit things myself (although I usually have her do my updates, since I’m also using her hosting services).

Wonderful service and experience, all around. Highly recommend!

Leah Schurian

Woodhaven Law

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