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Web Design, Branding, & Consulting for Healers & Difference-Makers

 If You are Feeling Called

…to bring your gifts out of hiding and embrace your role as a difference-maker in this world, it’s time to honor that instinct.

It’s okay if you’re not sure where or how to start. Our forté is business building.

With 20 years of experience in web design, business creation, blogging, visual arts, online marketing, online course creation, and generally conjuring business magic, plus a master’s degree in Psychology, you can count on us to get you from that first spark of inspiration to a launched business with a solid foundation.

You’re a Healer, a Helper, a Creative, a Difference-maker

You’re someone who is making a difference in this world. No really. You may be just starting your business, but make no mistake… you are already making a difference. And this world needs people like you.

Now let’s get you set up to amplify that magic you do. Let’s set you up online so that your people will know you when they see you… so they’ll immediately feel the connection and the alignment.

Branding & Design Infused with Psychology & Visual Magic

Aligned ‡ Integral ‡ Cohesive

It’s a Pleasure…

I’m Lynn. I’m a weaver of earth magic and exquisite online webs.

I would love to help you get clear about your business vision and create a bewitching online haven for your ideal clients, so you can focus on your own magic and mission.

Your work matters. Let’s collaborate to get your business-love up & running and looking stunning.

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