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Navigating the magical realms of running your business will take some time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. From blogging and content marketing, to email lists and lead magnets, to contracts and getting paid, we’ve got you covered, boss.

We can help you create your business-love in a way that is oh so aligned with who you are and what you offer the world. We’ll help you find your soul-mate purpose and share it impactfully, calling in your ideal dream clients and nurturing those relationships like it’s your own coven.

DIY Magic You’ll Find Here:

1. Set up your automatic email marketing so you can keep in touch with all your clients and followers as the list grows ever-larger.

AWeber is our favorite tool for the job, and we’re a part of their ACE program (AWeber Certified Experts) so you can do this yourself or get us to whip up a whole email campaign for you in our expert cauldron.

2. Manage your leads, proposals, invoices, and billing in a way that is both professional and beautiful.

Dubsado is our choice for a versatile client relationship management system that can take your next client from stranger to paid contract while you sleep.

3. Learn all the ins and outs of online business marketing and management so you can hatch your own online business magic. We’ve got all the videos, blogs, and links you need to spread your wings as you shape-shift into a ‘freedompreneur’.

4. Last but not least, our gorgeous, blessing-infused templates are coming soon! Keep an eye on this page or sign up for emails to stay in touch and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they are available!

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1. Email Marketing


We  AWeber for email marketing… from a simple lead nurture sequence to a series of segmented sales funnels, AWeber does the kind of magic that works with the magic we do.

If you’re looking to set up your email marketing funnel, we can do it all for you or you can learn more about email sales funnels and how to DIY it, right here!

And with AWeber Ecommerce, you can set up an AWeber landing page to sell products or services and collect payments while also growing your email list – all in one place.

Email Marketing Funnel Design

Get your email marketing system working for you, including high-converting nurture sequence, sales funnel, and online courses.

Physis Publishing can do it all for you in a flash.

We specialize in authentic and aligned marketing and design for coaches, healers, and creatives.

Learn How to DIY it!

Take the Email List Growth Blueprint video course:


Learn how to grow your email list in less than 4 hours with step-by-step, expert guidance in six short and simple lessons.

Start the course now

Free Guide: What To Write

45+ Email Content Templates and the Complete Course for Writing Great Emails.

Learn how to craft the perfect message or just use our templates to fill in the blanks!

2. Client Relationship Management

We Dubsado for client relationship management (CRM). With Dubsado you can bring in new leads from your website or social media; send them a proposal, contract, and invoice easily; create payment plans or recurring payments; and manage all your projects with automated systems that make your life easier.

What is Dubsado?

Your business is picking up and suddenly, that paper system you’ve always used to manage clients, just can’t keep up. The multiple emails, systems, software and tools are getting hard to organize. Turning to the internet for help, you come across terms like ‍

  • CRM
  • Client Management System
  • Workflow automation

‍You search for ways to simplify and organize your business but instead get overwhelmed by confusing terms. Dubsado could be called any of those terms, but what do they mean? Why do they matter to your business?

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3. Learn How


We helping you learn how to run your biz like the #bosswitch you are. Here are a few resources and articles (more coming soon) to get you up and running and looking stunning!

You can also join us for the Call in Your Dream Clients learning series. It costs nothing and it’s absolutely crammed full of valuable information!

If you have any questions, chance are we’ve got answers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We LOVE chatting about all the small business and online business things!

Using Ritual to Stay on-track in your Business

Using Ritual to Stay on-track in your Business

Ritual can help us transition from one task to the next. It might feel weird to move straight from creative copywriting to running an errand or unloading the dishwasher. Or vice-versa. If we really feel into it we might realize that, energetically, non-conscious transitions like those are allowing our creative energy to leak or become contaminated. The more we ignore that whisper of discomfort the more we might notice the writer’s block setting in, for example.

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What is Practical Magic for Business?

What is Practical Magic for Business?

What’s this business magic thing all about, anyway?

A lot of people use the hashtag #businessmagic to refer to the ways they improve the success of their own business, or that of their clients. I think that’s fabulous, and I say it too.

But when I use the term ‘business magic’, I’m also referring to, literally, practical magic for business. The #witchy stuff. But don’t worry, there’s nothing sinister or manipulative about practical magic for business. It’s simply a way to align yourself in ‘right relationship’ with the universe

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Call In Your Dream Clients

This 6-part learning series will help you:

  Build your own website
  Develop your brand
  Understand the magic of integrity marketing

So you can fill your practice with your dream clients and make the income and impact you’re dreaming of.

Packed with bonus materials and step-by-step guides, this course is available for only $44.00 USD. Are you ready?