An Enchanting Online World

For Healers, Helpers & Difference-Makers

“Effortless… Like Magic”

Your online presence represents you and all that you offer to the world. A brand and website that is aligned and integral will become a beacon for your ideal clients.

You want your people to know you when they see you. To immediately see that what you offer is uniquely right for them.

And when you are attracting your ideal people leveling up your practice becomes effortless… like magic.

You Are Not Alone

You don’t have to spend months (some people spend years – no joke) learning how to DIY it.

And you don’t have to grapple with poor communication and half-hearted effort from a left-brained developer who doesn’t really understand what you do.

Around Here, You’re an Elite VIP

Conscious coaches and healers give a lot. You deserve the ‘white-gloves’ first class experience.

ALL packages include:

  • Bewitching Branding

So much more than a logo or font, your brand is your ‘energy’. It is the sound of your voice and the feeling of working with you.

  • ^Strategically appeal to your ideal clients
  • ^Visually represent your unique gifts
  • ^Get noticed by the people you love to work with
  • ^Understand, deeply, who you are and what you do
  • ^Talk about your practice clearly and confidently
  • The 'Magic Mirror Brand Legend Process'
  • ^Discover the story about who you help and how
  • ^Hands-on guidance through the powerful 8 steps
  • High Level Communication
  • ^So you're never left wondering or guessing
  • Fun & Easy Creative Collaboration
  • ^Enjoy the process as much as the results
  • Enchanting Website

Not just a digital business card, your website is a welcoming place to land for your ideal client. It is your practice’s virtual reception area and waiting room.

  • ^Feels like a safe container for your ideal clients
  • ^Professionally written copy speaks to your people
  • ^Visually rich, professional, & secure
  • ^Easy online booking & payment for your clients
  • ^On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Done in Just 1-3 Days of Your Time
  • ^Finished & launched so you can start making $$$$
  • Practical Magic
  • ^Our sacred altar nest ritual for your business

    *with your blessing!

  • ^Real connection, guidance, and allyship

The Creation Cauldron™


The Cauldronette

A beautifully simple option with a pinch of the right ingredients to build your practice.

May include visual branding and an icon logo; a one-page website that delivers everything your clients need right there on the homepage; magical messaging and copy; online booking integration; and/or integration of your email newsletter signup.

This is for you if you are newly launching or revamping your solo practice, and you want a clean and professional online presence done right!

* The cost of your PracticeMagic Blueprint™ will be subtracted from the total. Payment plans are available.


The Original

The most popular package, this is the Goldilocks zone, but with no risk of bears.

May include a full brand identity with logo; an enchanting multi-page website; magical messaging and copywriting; a blog or sales page; the Enchanting Entrance Portal Process for revolutionizing your system; and/or email marketing list setup with a custom lead magnet that will call in your dream clients effortlessly.

This is for you if you’re looking to move forward with confidence and a profitable plan while growing your freedom and impact.

* The cost of your PracticeMagic Blueprint™ will be subtracted from the total. Payment plans are available.


The Big Brew

A planet-aligning comprehensive project with all the shiny & strategic things!

May include a full brand identity with logo; a large website suitable for a clinic or group practice; a personal brand with speaking or publications; the Enchanting Entrance Portal Process for revolutionizing your system; the Marketing Magic System to take your new brand to the next level; a Sacred Soul Photo Shoot; and/or the Collaborative Course Creation Cauldron to build an online course that is the talk of the town.

This is for you if you’re looking to seriously level-up and create an enchanted space you can stretch and grow into.

* The cost of your PracticeMagic Blueprint™ will be subtracted from the total. Payment plans are available.

You Can Grow Your Wealth & Freedom While Helping Your Clients

We offer top-tier VIP packages only. We work with ONLY YOU for the duration of your project, we help you with every part of it, and we get it all done faassst!

  • No 'good, better or best' choices... you're the VIP here no matter which package fits

    We won’t ask you to pay more or settle for second-best

  • We work with ONLY YOU until your project is done

    You’ll have our complete and devoted attention

  • Your brand & website built and launched in just 2-3 days of your time

    Time is money and it’s time for you to start MAKING money

  • Hands-on help with all your written copy

    We won’t give you a bunch of work to do and leave you alone with it like most other designers

  • Help with choosing and setting up your booking system

    We’ve been-there-done-that and we’ll help you sort it all out

  • Strategy to make sure your website calls in your dream clients

    Intentionality is what sets a ritual apart from a habit… and it’s what sets you apart from your peers

  • Feel professional, confident, and proud to share your website

    And start making an impact, generating profit, and building more freedom

We Specialize in Helping Helpers

With a Master’s degree in psychology and shamanic initiation, Physis Publishing’s founder Lynn is a specialist in conscious coaching and healing businesses.

Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been practicing for many years, we understand the nuances of the industry and we can help you from end to end. Together let’s get your practice up and running with a gorgeous online presence that positions you as a beacon for your unique clientele, so they immediately resonate with your energetic signature and recognize your experience and expertise.

We Create Custom WordPress Websites

You and the gifts you offer the world are unique and ever-changing. The last thing you want is to be boxed in to a template-based website that isn’t able to grow with you.

We build exclusively on the WordPress platform so there is no limit to what you can create as your business grows! And we teach you how to take over after launch day, with software that’s easy and fun for you to use.

Get Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Your online presence needs to be current at all times, with your latest photos, offers, and blog posts always at the fingertips of your ideal clients.

We offer a white gloves hosting and maintenance package that keeps your website secure, up to date, and backed-up! It’s like having your web designer in your back pocket, keeping the magic flowing online while you relax and focus on serving your dream clients.

“Lynn is a Brand Strategist, Website Consultant and Spiritually-Conscious Designer all-in-one”


I recently hired Lynn to revamp my counselling website. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Everything from design layout as well as the functional aspects like booking/scheduling turned out better than I had imagined. These changes have freed up more time I would have spent booking clients myself.

I think it also helped that Lynn has a background as a therapist so she was able to consider changes/improvements in this context that other designers may not have been able to think of.

Lynn was so wonderful to work with… she was friendly, patient, clear and skilled. The experience went so well I have now hired her to help revamp my blogging site.

Tanya Ward, Registered Counsellor

Aspen Counselling

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic

I am so glad I chose Lynn to be my web designer. We originally worked together when I opened my private counselling practice, and it was a no-brainer to hire her again when I expanded into a private practice coaching business.

She makes the process practically effortless with her patience, wise advice, professionalism and creativity. Lynn truly creates online magic, and I am so grateful that I found her!

Jill Culver

Private Practice Roadmap

Lynn did a fantastic job on my logo and website. They reflect my personality perfectly.

She was always quick when I needed her to be, and patient when I needed time. She also gave me lots of guidance with my website content, which I really needed. Then she even made a detailed video walking me through the backend of my website, showing me how to edit things myself (although I usually have her do my updates, since I’m also using her hosting services).

Wonderful service and experience, all around. Highly recommend!

Leah Schurian

Woodhaven Law