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If you’re at the very beginning stages, with a talent or an idea, or a burning desire to help, we can help you bring it to life. If your business has gathered a little dust over the years (no shame, we totally get it) we can help you usher in a breath of fresh air and cleanse that baby. Together we’ll figure out what you’ll do, how you’ll do it, what you’ll call it… whatever you need to create the business of your dreams!

We bring years of professional consultant experience and post-graduate level training, plus a little old-fashioned earth magic. This is not your average business coaching service.

By the time we’re done you’ll enjoy that feeling of excitement and inspiration that comes from creating business magic that is aligned with your gifts.

Move Forward Confidently with a Clear & Sustainable Plan:

You need to be clear about the direction your business will take. It’s important to know where you’re at right now with it, and where you’re going.

During our consultation we can create a comprehensive plan to get your business started, or re-started. When we’re finished you will be able to sit down anytime to work on your business knowing exactly what step to complete next. You’ll feel confident about how to spend your time and where to spend your money, so that you are creating your business with precision and intention.

This ‘online business, solopreneur, freedompreneur, modern age healing business’ stuff is complicated! You don’t want to feel your way through it blindly, following all the side tracks that this ‘free download’ and that ‘7-day masterclass’ will lead you down. That’s enough wandering lost in the woods…

You need a compass instead of a trail of breadcrumbs!!

Professional Consulting

Your business is the real deal, and the world needs you to succeed. Working with Lynn means working with a professional consultant with a Master’s degree in Psychology and a keen eye for your authentic talents. You’re in really good hands! Let’s do this.

Consultation sessions are flexible and we will work on exactly what you want and need. You can book one or many, and you can decide as we go. There is never any pressure to buy other shiny things or book more sessions. You’re the #bossbabe here!

Business Consultation

A Numinous Start

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My business consults with Lynn renew my sense of hope and empowerment every time. Every meeting is laser-focused on my goals, highly organized, and never pushy or rushed. In fact, Lynn has this refreshingly empathic element to how she shows up, compassionately holding space for the inevitable insecurities found within the vulnerable context of business struggles. She runs a tight, yet well-balanced ship and I couldn’t recommend her more. Money well spent every time.

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Seamus Osiris Coaching & Guidance

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Together We Can:


We will work together to get a thorough overview of what matters to you and your business. Your What, your Why, your Where. We’ll get crystal-clear about this beautiful offering you’re creating.

It’s so important for you to know exactly what you do (and do not) offer in your business, because you’re going to need to communicate it clearly to the world. Your dream clients will find you once you can draw a clear line in the sand.


You will walk away with a clear and manageable step-by-step plan for how you are going to create and grow your business. What to do first, what to do next. No more sitting down at the computer with a big blank question mark and scrolling social media for an hour instead.

Also, no more shiny object syndrome. You can unsubscribe from all those ‘guru’ email lists that you don’t have time to read anyway. No more signing up for all the freebies and realizing months later that you still don’t know what to do next.

We will work together, one-on-one, focused on nothing but your business, so you’re ready to create, launch, and flourish!


It is so important to make sure you are clear and solid in your Vision and Values. Being aligned in business (and in life) means keeping an eye on what really matters to you and why. 

What is your BIG WHY? We work with difference-makers, and we know you’ve got a lot to offer.

We will define your energetic signature, why it matters in business, and how you will bring your own magic into this business-love of yours.


We can help you get started in the basics of online marketing. It’s no longer okay to use one-dimensional selling tactics to play a game of numbers. For long-term business success supported by loyal, enthusiastic clients you need to put yourself out there in a way that feels authentic and honest.

You want to feel proud and confident as you market your business… never worrying that you’re ‘tricking’ someone into buying. And for the happiness of everyone involved you want to target your people only… your ideal clients. These are the people you’ll love working with and they are the clients who will market for you for free, with word-of-mouth recommendations.

We will design a plan that is specific to you, your values, and your business. A plan that is sustainable and feels really good.

Email & Social Media Strategies

An important part of building your business and marketing it is having all the right connections and follow-up in place. You will send your audience to your website via social media hubs such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and you will likely want to collect their email addresses so you can follow-up with them.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook business page or an Instagram account for business, we will help you create them and strategize how and when you’ll use them.

If you plan to start an email list (and it’s a very good idea) we can advise on which platform is the best fit for you, and we will teach you how the lead magnet sequence works and how to set up a signup form and autoresponse email series.

Don’t worry if this is sounding a little ‘Greek’… we’ll show you how it all works so you can get started and carry on confidently without us!


You’re going to need a website, and if you already have one, it’s probably going to need to be updated. We can design and build it for you, or you can make it your own labor of love.

If your choice is ‘labor of love’, let’s talk about how you can DIY it. We will help you get started, wherever you’re at, and give you some guidelines and a checklist-style plan for creating your own online presence.


If it fits for you we can look at aligning the creation and management of your business with nature’s energetic cycles, monthly as well as seasonally.

Aligning your own efforts with what is going on in the natural world around you, such as with the cycles of the sun and the moon, is the most important thing you never learned in school. We use ancient Celtic wisdom to align your business with the Wheel of the Year.

This is one of the ways we can bring energetic fuel and practical magic into your business!

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic

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