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Professional Presentation for a Shining First Impression

Your business craves a cohesive, attention-grabbing color pallate and logo that are not only professional and beautiful, but also aligned with your values and purpose.

Let us help you create the look that signals who you are and what you do like a beacon in the online chaos. Gorgeous, cohesive, and aligned branding ensures that your people – your ideal clients – will spot you in the crowd; that they will immediately recognize you as a match for their needs.

Psychology and Design… the BFF Combination

Good design and branding isn’t just pretty. It’s also useful, and it feels like home for your ideal clients. The psychology of branding is a vital part of your overall design and it cannot be underestimated.

We bring not only the design artistry but the perceptual magic behind good branding. We will coach you through the psychology of all your branding decisions to ensure your business is optimized for success.

The First Impression is Vital

Eye-catching, cohesive, and aligned with your energetic signature, your brand feels like home for your ideal clients. Call them in confidently.

What We’ll Do:

Visioning & Strategy Session

We will work together to create a vision of the heart and soul of your business, including the eagle’s broad view perspective and the honeybee’s details inventory.

This part is pre-design. It is the ever-so-vital foundation upon which your visually stunning branding stands. Starting with a rock-solid foundation ensures that everything that follows is cohesive and aligned with your purpose.

Needs Assessment

We will get clear about where your business is right now, and where it’s heading. We’ll identify who your ideal client is, so that your look speaks directly to their needs. Your branding needs to shine through the online clutter to grab the attention of your people.

It’s important to make the right decisions now, so there is no messy re-working later on. There will always be updates and changes to be made, but we’ll help you make some choices now that will be sustainable for the long run, supporting the growth of your business.

Psychological Profile

We will help you to understand the purpose behind the choices we make in your branding. What colors, textures, and visuals will help your people feel at home the moment they encounter your business? That feeling of belonging is magic for getting client conversions.

This is a collaborative process where we combine our brilliance: You know your people and you know your own gifts. We know the psychology of design and branding. Together we’re going to conjure something powerful.

Brand Board

Even though there’s a science behind it, choosing your color scheme, typeface, and the “look and feel” of your business can be so much fun as well! We’re going to hold both simultaneously. Whether you want to have a lot of input or you prefer to let us do our thing, this is where it all starts to take shape.

You’re going to love how the magic of the design comes together before your eyes! Your keep-it-forever brand board will guide future choices in business marketing, helping you remain cohesive and aligned as your business grows and moves forward.

Logo Design

Some businesses already have an established logo, and this will inform our branding desicions. Others have no logo yet, and we can create one alongside our branding. Sometimes we land in-between… reworking an existing logo in a fresh new way.

When we are working with an existing logo we need to create a brand board that compliments it. When we are creating or reworking a logo we want to ensure we are playing for keeps. Either way, we offer up to 5 rounds of revisions to make sure you’re thrilled!

In the end you will receive professional vector files which can be used for everything from printing your first business cards to branding your corporate jet.

Visual Magic

In all that we do we strive to ensure that every aspect of your business feels integral and aligned with your core values. In today’s climate it is no longer acceptable to use tired old one-dimensional tricks for selling. Your success depends on your ability to show up, confident and proud in your honest transparency, to serve your people and to fully realize your gifts and talents.

This package provides beautiful branding, but it also provides the values alignment and perceptual psychology that will weave a golden thread of success into your branding… the magical thread that can be traced all the way back to the first spark of inspiration that started you on this path.

Lynn did a fantastic job on my logo and website. They reflect my personality perfectly.

She was always quick when I needed her to be, and patient when I needed time. She also gave me lots of guidance with my website content, which I really needed. Then she even made a detailed video walking me through the backend of my website, showing me how to edit things myself (although I usually have her do my updates, since I’m also using her hosting services).

Wonderful service and experience, all around. Highly recommend!

Leah Schurian

Woodhaven Law

Branding & Logo Design

Visual Magic for Your Business



A 5% discount is applied when you decide to work with us for any combination of our service packages.

All projects require payment of 50% of the accepted estimate to begin, remainder upon completion. The hourly rate for other work is $110, billed in 15-minute increments.

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