The PracticeMagic Blueprint™

Your Brand, Website & Marketing Success Map

Setting up your practice so your schedule is filled with clients you love to work with and you are building wealth & freedom requires a solid plan and a series of actionable steps you can follow.

Let’s eliminate the guesswork & get it done!

There’s a ton of internet noise telling you to do it this way and do it that way. Take this course, sign up for that webinar, get those free checklists…

It Boggles The Mind

And in the end it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and ironically pretty discouraged considering how hopeful you were back when you signed up.

The problem? None of it was JUST FOR YOU.

You are unique, and so is your practice. What you need is someone with experience to sit down with just you and help you work out exactly what to do and how… to get your practice launched, fill your schedule with your ideal clients, make an impact, build your wealth, and create more freedom in your life.

Having a clear and actionable map to follow is the magic ingredient that will set you apart and accelerate your journey.

Enter the PracticeMagic Blueprint™

It’s your comprehensive and customized plan that addresses exactly the answers you need, the decisions you’ve been trying to make, what to do, and an step-by-step map for how to get it all done.

Your Custom Blueprint Includes:

  •  A 1:1 deep-dive session where important decisions get made about your your brand, your website, your services, and your marketing that are specifically coordinated to get you to your goals.
  • A comprehensive document… your PracticeMagic Blueprint™! With this map in hand you can proceed confidently on your own or hire Physis Publishing to take care of it all for you. (No pressure either way!)


*Applied to your project when we work together

Only 3 Blueprints are available each month & they book up quickly

If this sounds like exactly what you need to finally level-up or launch your practice, let’s have a quick call to make sure this is the perfect fit for you. There’s no fee, zero pressure, and no hidden expectations. Tell us about yourself, ask your questions, and if it feels like a great fit all around we’ll book your PracticeMagic Blueprint.

Hi, I’m Lynn!

I’m the founder and lead designer here at Physis Publishing.

So many healers & helpers tell me they’ve spent months messing around trying to build their own website and it still doesn’t look how they envisioned it. In the meantime they’re not getting many clients or making the impact and income they’d like to be making. They don’t know where to focus their energy and they’ve been searching through social media hoping to learn the right things to do.

Lynn sitting in her garden office

I hope you’ll do yourself the favor of beginning with a really solid plan so you can skip the months of wasted time and money. I’d rather see you filling your schedule with clients you love to work with and building your wealth & freedom.

Creating the whole framework for your practice at the beginning means no more time or money gets spent on things that aren’t necessary.

Computer on a tray | Physis Publishing

You can stop searching social media and YouTube; signing up for webinars and courses; trying this and trying that. Learning can be fun, but at some point you need to start booking those clients!

I made the PracticeMagic Blueprint affordable so you don’t have to commit thousands of dollars to a web designer you just met and hope they understand your vision and your industry.

Instead, you can take your Blueprint and use it to DIY, or hire an agency (imagine how great it feels knowing you have all the important decisions and plans ready to provide them with), or you can continue working with me to bring it all to life in a 2-week platinum process.

And then… you’re done! Clients, impact, money, freedom!

No more guessing, no more looking around to see what others are doing and feeling like you’ll never get there, and no more cobbling things together without a plan or a purpose.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about your unique magic and helping you make a plan for how you’ll deliver it to the world Book a time when we can meet by clicking here.

And get ready for idea-gasms, holy sh*t moments, and occasional misty eyes.

If you are not a therapist but you would love to partner with us to create an impactful website please reach out... there are many ways to make a difference in the world. If you do business with integrity, we would love to talk with you about your needs and goals!

The PracticeMagic Blueprint™

What To Expect:

This is not a generic formula, it’s not a class or a webinar, and you and your business will not be squeezed into a box! Because you are UNIQUE. You have to be, in order to call in your dream clients. Your uniqueness is what makes you the perfect person for your ideal clients to work with.

You can expect a customized, personalized, ‘white-gloves’ experience.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll cover:

  • Your ideal client
  • Your goals and how to get from here to there
  • Exactly what your unique brand will require in order to meet your goals
  • Exactly what your enchanting website will require in order to meet your goals
  • Your energetic signature; the spirit of your business
  • Your brand color palette
  • Plans for your logo
  • Logistics about client booking, contact details, inclusions and integrations
  • How you will structure and price your services
  • Your marketing plan (how your ideal clients will find you)
  • How to build a fantastic ‘funnel’ that helps your potential clients feel heard and seen

After our collaborative session, you’ll receive a comprehensive summary document… your PracticeMagic Blueprint! With this you can proceed confidently on your own, work with another designer of your choice, or hire Physis Publishing to take care of it all for you. If you work with us, the cost of your Blueprint will be applied to your project.


I recently hired Lynn to revamp my counselling website. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Everything from design layout as well as the functional aspects like booking/scheduling turned out better than I had imagined. These changes have freed up more time I would have spent booking clients myself.

I think it also helped that Lynn has a background as a therapist so she was able to consider changes/improvements in this context that other designers may not have been able to think of.

Lynn was so wonderful to work with… she was friendly, patient, clear and skilled. The experience went so well I have now hired her to help revamp my blogging site.

Tanya Ward, Registered Counsellor

Aspen Counselling

After a bad experience with a web designer, I was wary of jumping in again.

But working with Lynn was easy and enjoyable. Most importantly, she was able to capture the essence of my brand and message.

She handled the technical updates that I didn’t know how to manage but also contributed valuable design feedback.

I now have a product that I am proud to share with my prospects and referral partners. I will definitely be working with Lynn again!

Nicole Cooley

Nicole Cooley, Money Coach

I am so glad I chose Lynn to be my web designer. We originally worked together when I opened my private counselling practice, and it was a no-brainer to hire her again when I expanded into a private practice coaching business.

She makes the process practically effortless with her patience, wise advice, professionalism and creativity. Lynn truly creates online magic, and I am so grateful that I found her!

Jill Culver

Private Practice Roadmap