Rayann Gordon Magic-Infused Website Redesign 

Working with Rayann to update her website was a unique pleasure.

The work I do has a deeply spiritual element to it. When I create a website for you I feel into your unique magic and the gifts you’re here to offer, and then I infuse your website with energy to amplify those intentions.

It’s a bit like casting a spell.

When I first met with Rayann to talk about revamping her website she said to me “I saw one of your websites and I could see there was a spell behind it”.

I paused in that moment with a look of surprise on my face.

The magic is there for the betterment of this beautiful world we’re in… I have no ego-need for it to be recognized or named. My clients usually don’t see it; they just have a vague felt-sense of it and they conceptually understand that I did something special as I built their website.

But Rayann is a spirit-worker. She helps people in recovering lost sense of self, curse unraveling, ancestral healing, and compassionate depossession from unwelcome entities.

She could see the energy swirling the way one might see a trail of smoke rising from lit incense.

That day was the beginning of a sometimes rigorous and always delightful journey to recreate her website in collaboration with her guides and mine.

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Lynn is a thorough, patient, and creative web designer. She was able to really capture the feeling I was looking for on my new site.

Rayann Gordon

Rayann Gordon