Website Hosting & Maintenance

Keep Your Website Healthy, Vibrant & Current

Your Hosting Platform is a Sacred Container for your Website

Physis Publishing offers website hosting and maintenance to our design clients because having an aligned business with a solid online foundation includes having a familiar and reliable hosting provider.

We All Need a Little Mama-Bear Energy

Honestly it feels a little wrong for us to create a stunning online presence for you and then just leave you at the mercy of the big, impersonal hosting provider. By the time we’ve completed your project together we’re like family!

Our website hosting and maintenance package will help keep your shiny new website fresh, secure, and always up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff.

You get to Focus on your own Business Magic, knowing your Website is in Good Hands.

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You get to Focus on your own Business Magic, knowing your Website is in Good Hands.

Did you know that just like your computer or cell phone, websites need software and security updates on a regular basis? The longer they go without this attention the greater the risk that they could be ‘hacked’ or compromised.

We Offer Hosting & Maintenance to Keep Everything Running Smoothly.

It’s sooo nice when your website is shiny and new, with all your packages and pictures up-to-date! But it doesn’t take long before it can start to get ‘stale’. This is bad for biz in the obvious ways, but it also sucks the energy and magic out of your site’s power to attract your ideal clients.

As You Build your Business or Practice, You Want to Stay Inspired and Continue to LOVE your Website!

This way you’re more likely to keep sharing it proudly and others will love it and share it too. (Gotta love free marketing!) This keeps the energy (and the profits) flowing smoothly.

All The Goods:

◊ SSL Certificate Included

Managed Software Monitoring & Updates

◊ Two Updates per Month to your website’s core software, themes, & plugins.

◊ Security Monitoring & Firewall Protection

◊ Spam Filtering

◊ Privacy-Compliant Traffic Analytics

◊ Backup of all Files & Database Weekly

◊ Personalized, Friendly Support

◊ 30 Minutes/Month of Tech Support and/or Website Content Updates*

4GB disk space, Dedicated cPanel, and Branded Email Accounts Included

The Magic is in the Monthly Support

Having a web designer in your back pocket is where the Website Maintenance Package really shines… this is worth its weight in gold!

Any time you would like to change an image, update your prices or hours, or add a new testimonial, I’m there to take care of the technical and design parts for you.

This ensures that your website stays fresh, vibrant, and up-to-date. New additions will fit in seamlessly with the branding and design of the site rather than looking a little different from the original content.

Over time, a website without design and technical support can start to look a little disjointed and out-of-date. This incongruence can become a block in your business. Energetically, it’s as if your website gradually becomes covered in band-aids and scotch tape… it’s not cute, and it doesn’t inspire confidence in your potential clients.

Keeping yours sparkling and shiny, as if it’s newly launched, gives you a competitive edge and ensures you’ll continue to share it so proudly that your ideal clients can feel the magnetism.


Your Website is a Head-Turner. Let’s Keep it That Way.

*Monthly Allotment Note:

Your 30 minutes per month of technical support and/or changes to your website content are perfect to cover minor tweaks such as a price change, new photo swap, update your hours, or add a testimonial.

When you need a more elaborate change such as design updates to multiple pages, building in a new offering or a new lead magnet, or creating a new page – this will be handled as a ‘mini project’.

What to Expect:

Simply send an email when you have some more elaborate changes to make to your website, such as the examples listed above.

1. We will send you the link to book your mini-Blueprint: a 1-hour deep-dive meeting to create a comprehensive plan for your new content, how it will integrate seamlessly with your existing content, any possible changes to the menu, and any technical integrations or considerations such as linking your new offering to your booking system, or linking your new lead magnet to your email marketing platform. (There are usually some details you haven’t considered, but I’m here to help make sure everything works perfectly.)

2. Once we have your mini-Blueprint and therefore a complete plan in place, I will send you a proposal and payment link for your mini project.

3. As soon as you sign on to complete those planned updates, your mini project is booked in to my calendar. Your website updates are no less important than our new brand & website clients, so you’ll get your own exclusive place in the Physis Publishing calendar. During this time I am focused exclusively on you and your updates!

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(For existing Hosting and Maintenance clients only. New clients please start here.)

Physis Publishing maintenance packages are only offered to our clients, or by special arrangement. Please contact us to discuss your needs:

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