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You need your email marketing system to work for you, including high-converting nurture sequence, sales funnel, and online courses. We specialize in authentic and aligned marketing and design for coaches, healers, and creatives.

You Have Something Important to Offer the World.

Email marketing will help you to gather all your ideal clients together on your email list and nurture your relationship with them so that they get to know who you are, learn that they can trust you, and think of you the next time they need that thing you love to do.

We Are AWeber Certified Experts

One of your top platform choices for email marketing is AWeber, and it’s the one we recommend. Here’s why:

◊ AWeber “plays nice” with a squillion other platforms, providers, and systems. In our early days we tried two other email marketing platforms and devoted many hours to developing the second one, only to become frustrated when new work-arounds were required for every integration. We switched to AWeber because it connects with… everything.

◊ AWeber has top-notch customer service. They’re quick, friendly, knowledgable, and professional.

◊ AWeber is simple to set up for the brand-newbie, yet it has all the bells and whistles for building the most complex segmented professional sales funnels you can imagine. Simply put, it will grow with you.

Physis Publishing can help you:

◊ Get your AWeber account set up seamlessly with a clear email marketing plan

◊ Build your email marketing system customized to your needs

◊ Simple lead nurture sequence or complex, segmented funnel, we’ll create the best campaign for your business

◊ Track your opens and clicks, use split-testing analytics

◊ Create your lead magnet to grow your list and attach it to your AWeber funnel

◊ Create online courses via AWeber emails or integrated with an e-course platform

◊ Design gorgeous branded email templates

Lynn has been a pleasure to work with and is gifted with excellent organizational thought, communication skills and follow through. She’s patient and does a great job at parsing some fairly scattered notions about digital marketing from us, what we need, and then sorting those out into next steps. It’s not easy.

She keeps track of all the individual items that need to be followed up on or need follow through on her end and really cares about her work. It shows!

She is exceedingly proficient (and warm). That’s what I expected with an Expert.

Cynthia and Dr. Doug Pucci

Pucci Wellness Functional Medicine

AWeber Expert Badge | Physis Publishing

We Make This Easy:

Setup Packages:

Email Marketing Audit:

If you already have an AWeber account, and maybe you’ve created some lists or segments, you’ve written some emails, and you’ve set up a campaign or two… we will help you give your Email Marketing a tune up!

It’s sooo important to have your emails optimized for as many conversions as possible. And of course, your dream clients need to find you and sign up, first! Let us help:

Ongoing Support:

If you want ongoing support with getting your newsletter or broadcast emails sent out to your people on-time and on-brand, we can help you keep on top of that! We offer two tiers of monthly retainer packages for ongoing management of your AWeber needs. To get started, send us a message or book a chat so we can make sure we’re a great fit! (If you’re not ready to commit to a whole year, send us an email for the month-to-month pricing.)

Dear Lynn, I am SO SO impressed! Thank you so much for your diligence and this impressive follow-up. This has been a super rough year here dealing with Michael’s illness and there have been few bright clouds – but you are one of them! In fact, I could say that this connection has been a very special delight.

Christeen Skinner

The Financial Universe

Hi Lynn, I just want to say that I LOVE my new lead magnet. I showed it to my business group and they all love it too. And thanks for including an “About Me” section… I totally didn’t think of including that, so it’s a good thing you have my back.

I am so glad I have you in my life!

Jill Culver

Jill Culver Counselling

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