Hey Healer!

How would you like to fill your practice with your dream clients without any ‘salsey’ tactics or paid advertising?

How about keeping in touch with the people who follow your work and resonate with your approach, without being a slave to social media?

If you haven’t started building your own email list, here’s where your journey begins.

And if you’ve started a list but you’re not sure how to grow it or what to do with it, let’s get that cauldron bubbling!

Together we’ll cut through the confusion and technical complexities with step-by-step instructions and hands-on help so you don’t have to figure this out alone, or worry about doing it wrong.

By the end of our 5 weeks together you’ll be up and running

(and looking stunning)

Common Myths:

  • Email marketing is pushy and sleazy.
  • Email marketing is old-school and nobody uses it anymore.
  • As a therapist it is unethical to use email marketing.

In Reality:

  • Email marketing can (and should!) be done with integrity and authenticity.
  • Email marketing helps people feel more familiar with you, providing the bridge a hesitant person needs to start seeing a therapist.
  • Email marketing is alive and well!

In fact, it is only gaining popularity as people struggle to get traction on social media or find that they are getting ‘warnings’ for sharing information that has been flagged by the censorship algorithm.

    • Bonus: Email marketing can help you break through that income ceiling. If you have ever considered offering a therapeutic group or a course, having an email marketing funnel goes a long way in bringing it all together. This can add some extra revenue to your one-on-one services.

    As a Counsellor or Therapist you CAN and SHOULD have an Email List

    With a Free Offer and an Automated Follow-up Sequence for People who are Interested in Your Unique Perspective.

    Ready to make it happen?

    Join us in the journey for $440

    This 5-Part Workshop is LIVE via Zoom (pants are optional)

    Hand-Holding is Included as you Create, Build, and Nurture Your EMAIL LIST!

    Guided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor turned Email Marketing Expert & Web Designer, this 5-week professional development learning series will walk you through every step to start email marketing for success in your therapy practice.

    During our 5 weeks together you will:

    • Conquer the Technical Setup

      Get all the help you need as you set up a FREE email marketing account.

    • Learn What to Write

      We’ll work together to write emails that connect with your people without being “salesy”, annoying, or in-your-face.

    • Design Your Funnel

      Get crystal-clear about the journey your subscriber will take and where it will lead so you can spend a week on the beach while your new subscribers are nurtured automatically.

    • Create Your Lead Magnet

      Get the support you need to write, design, and publish your free offer, including professional design review and technical setup.

    • Build Your Landing Page or Signup Form

      Set up your free signup offer with hands-on help from an experienced website designer.

    • Wrap It Up In a Bow and Launch It!

      Launch your list! Together we’ll test all the moving parts, publish this masterpiece, and start spreading the word.

      The next cohort starts Wednesday March 1st!

      Spaces are limited to ensure enough time and individual attention, so grab yours now:

      About Your Host:

      Professional Design    Psychology

      Lynn is a visual artist with a passion for web design and email marketing, and a Master’s degree in psychology. She is an AWeber Certified Expert (ACE).

      There are few things Lynn loves more than weaving these two realms together, bringing deepest hopes and dreams to life with gorgeous designs that speak directly to your people.

      When she isn’t weaving online magic Lynn is busy growing veggies and herbs, road-tripping in her mini campervan, and geeking out about wild foraging, spirituality, and resilience.

      Portrait of the Artist | Physis Publishing

      Gratefully living & working as an ally on the traditional and unceded territories of the Hul’q’umi’num’ peoples. Born and raised on the traditional and unceded territories of the Syilx peoples.

      Did You Know?

      You need an email marketing platform in order to have an email list. It isn’t possible to do it correctly from your personal email account.

      There are MailChimp alternatives that provide more services and options for $0 subscription fees. I’ll help you set up a free account with AWeber that does everything you need it to do. They’ve been in the business since the beginning, and their customer service is impeccable.

      Creating a “funnel” means getting crystal-clear about the journey your new subscriber will take and where that journey will lead, so you can spend a week on the beach in January or camping in the wilderness in June while your new subscribers are nurtured automatically!

      Having an email list requires some time and work up-front, and then it pretty much runs itself. We will do the up-front work together in this program so you’re not left alone with another ‘to-do’ on the procrastination list!

      We Begin Wednesday March 1st!

      Here are all the details:

      • Five Learning Sessions on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm
      • A 'Do It Together" Approach Ensures Your Success
      • Total of 7.5 Hours LIVE in Session via Zoom
      • Exclusive Discounts on Physis Publishing Services
      • The Investment is $440.00

      This Workshop is for You if:

      • You have a private practice or you are starting one.
      • You want an email list but have been confused about how it works or where to start.
      • You like to write and share ideas but you’re not a huge fan of social media.
      • Your plate is full and you need someone to just walk you through the process to get your email list set up.
      • You want to scale your income beyond what your 1:1 client sessions can provide.
      • You’re thinking about creating a course or running a group in the future.
      • You already have a big social media following but you want to make sure you don’t suddenly lose all your followers to an algorithm or censorship error.
      • You want to make sure you don’t come across as pushy or salesy to your list.
      • You have an email list already but it’s just sitting there and needs some fresh air and love.

        This Workshop May Not be a Good Fit if:

        • You really like all those scarcity and high-pressure marketing tactics and want to learn them.
        • You already have a big active email list and you only want to do more advanced things like split-testing and segmentation.
        • Your approach in your practice is purely Rogerian and you have zero ideas or psychoeducational content to share.
        • You’re not interested in scaling your income, running any groups or courses, or communicating with your people outside of booking and billing.
        • You don't like learning in groups and would rather figure things out by yourself.

          We start in: