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Part 6: Integrity in Social Media

Part 6: Summon your people on social media without compromising your values!

Back when we started talking about email marketing I shared that I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It’s true and it seems to be intensifying lately. I love it even more these days for how it can bring awesome people together and make connections we would never have made in person. And I hate it more than ever for how noisy and frenetic it seems to have become lately.

No matter how you feel about social media, the reality is that using it in a way that is both effective and aligned with your values is going to be challenging. But this is where rocking your authentic voice comes in, once again, as the most alluring spell you have at your fingertips. Being You is something only you can do, and it’s perhaps the only thing you’ll ever be perfect at. But being yourself on social media platforms isn’t as easy as it might sound.

It will feel vulnerable. If you’re being authentic and not hiding who you truly are, it will be at least a little scary, at least some of the time. If it isn’t, you’re probably not doing it right. So what should you be sharing?

Social Media with Authenticity Magic

The answer depends on a few things, including which industry you’re in, what you offer, your brand values and voice, and which social media platform we’re talking about. A lot of coaches, for example, will use Facebook for primarily business promotion and sharing valuable information to get shares and leads. This might include a business page as well as a group, or just a business page. It’s worth noting that many business pages are no longer being seen in people’s newsfeed like they used to; but none of us know if and when that might change again. (This, again, is why you want to have an email marketing system up and running!) To continue this example, those same coaches often choose to use Instagram for a combination of business promotion and personal sharing, helping their people get to know them better.

Whatever platforms you use and no matter what you decide to use them for, consistency is key. Stick with your brand values and voice at all times. People who only know you via ‘the web’ will trust you and choose to work with you if they feel like they can rely on you; and this will happen through your consistency.

 So if you are a Self-Care Specialist and in your spare time you go multi-day hiking with your dog, let those two things be your entire social media world. Save your animal rescue supporting, sci-fi movie loving, amateur astrologist sides for your friends and family, unless one of those is also a primary part of your brand values and brand voice. Make sense? Your brand is authentically you, it just isn’t alllllll the random parts of you. It’s a tightly defined and consistently represented part of you… ideally the part that your ideal clients resonate with most.

And finally, yes you DO have to share some photos of yourself… you really do. If you haven’t already, try posting a photo of yourself and see how many responses you get compared to the quotes and flower pics you’ve been posting. Usually, the difference is remarkable. Why? Because your people want to see you and know you. And you deserve to be seen and known by your people. You have value to share with the world and allowing yourself to be seen will help you make the important difference you came here to make.


Above all else, your social media presence should feel aligned and do-able for you. Following “the ultimate strategy” only works as long as it works for you. If it doesn’t you’ll start to resent it and your consistency will plummet. Business magic means that you are enjoying your labor of love in most of the ways, most of the time. It’s that ease and genuine love of the process that magnetizes you and draws in your dream clients like magic.

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