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Part 5: Email Marketing Magic

Part 5: Nurture Your Email List with Integrity

I have a love-hate relationship with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They can be a super valuable source of traffic and bring “new eyes” in your direction. But they are risky business.

How so?

With social media platforms you do not ‘own’ your followers or your account. It may feel like you do, but you don’t. I’ve seen so many coaches and wellness gurus build up a massive following on one of these platforms only to discover one day that their account has been shut down for this or that reason (everyone swears they were not in violation of the platform’s terms and conditions) and thousands of engaged and ideal potential clients have simply disappeared. There’s no way to even get a goodbye message or explanation to them. It’s heart-breaking… no exaggeration.

Check out this screenshot from the sweet travel blogger couple I met in rural Mexico. (Click to Expand)

It really can happen to anyone at any time, and on any of the platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

And no surprise… look what they decided to do about it!

Screenshot | Email Marketing

As you build up your following on social media (and you should), how can you safeguard yourself from this surprisingly common scenario?

The answer is email marketing. Building an email list ensures that you will always be able to get in touch with your people, regardless of changes to rules, algorithms, or platform popularity.

If the term ’email marketing’ sounds sleazy or old-school to you, I assure you it is both alive and well, AND it is usually done with a ton of integrity these days. Your ideal clients are way too smart for sleazy sales tactics anyway… they just want to keep in touch with you and invest in your unique medicine when the time is right for them. Email marketing is a deeply integral part of your business, and vital for helping your people get to know you.

So then, how do you get started in email marketing?

Getting Started with Email Marketing


Because you’ll (one day) be sending to hundreds or thousands of recipients, you need a subscription to an email marketing provider. These are set up to send emails en-mass without the penalties, poor results, and chaos of trying to do it from your Outlook account. Some popular ones are AWeber, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. My personal favorite is AWeber and I recommend it highly. You can start for free, the platform is user-friendly, and their support is top-notch.


You’ll want something that’s full of great information and valuable to your ideal people that you can offer to them in exchange for their email address. This is often called a ‘Lead Magnet’. Your ideal clients have so many emails to deal with these days that they are not very likely to sign up for newsletters when that little pop-up appears on somebody’s website. But they do want to learn and grow and overcome the challenge they’re having, so when you offer to send something that will help they are much more likely to give you their email address.


Once you’ve sent them that super helpful free thing, you’ll need to send a few more emails to keep in touch and help them get to know you better. This is called a ‘nurture sequence’. It would be a nightmare to try to keep on top of emailing whatever is next to each new subscriber in the midst of running your business, so this is where your email marketing platform comes in. You will set it up to send each person a little series of emails, in a particular sequence, automatically. It will send each one a couple days apart, or whatever you’ve chosen. For some ideas on what to write in your nurture sequence, plus some fill-in-the-blank email templates, try this free PDF resource: What to Write

The nurture sequence often leads to an offer for your course, program, or services. This is the beginning of what is called a ‘funnel’. Again, all of this can (and should) be done in a way that is really honest, authentic, and from the heart. Your voice and values come into play in your email marketing in a big way.

If you’re ready to start building your list, check out this free course to learn how to grow your email list in just 10 minutes a day for 6 days!


Get Help Setting up your Email Marketing

I would love to help you get your email marketing set up quickly and effectively. Designing email marketing funnels is one of my favorite things to do!

Final Thoughts

One final note about integrity and consent: when your ideal client submits their email address this is a good place to inform them that you’ll send a few messages and that you’ll never share their information anywhere else. Your email marketing platform will ensure that you have a real business address posted on your emails, and every email you send will have an “unsubscribe” link so that nobody is receiving emails from you if they no longer want to. That keeps it all high-vibe and magic-infused!

So, let this be a place to begin if email marketing is new to you. It’s incredibly effective and a really important way to call in your dream clients. If you want any help with getting your email marketing, lead magnet, and nurture sequence set up please let me know… it’s one of my favorite things to help with!

Okay, we’ve talked about your brand, design elements, your website, and email marketing, but how do people find you in the first place? How can you get in front of new eyes without spending a fortune on advertising? The answer lies in social media. Love it or hate it, you can use social media platforms to help your business be discovered by dream clients near and far. And there are ways to use social media without compromising your values. We’ll talk about which social media platforms to use for what, and how to do it with integrity… coming up in Part 6!

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