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Part 4: Website Magic

Part 4: How to Create Website Magic

You’re here and reading because some part of you is considering building your first business website and brand, or breathing new life into the one you’ve got… am I right?

If you and I are not already working together on that, then you’re looking for a little more guidance on how to ‘DIY’ it. Or maybe you’re not totally sure whether you’re going to do it yourself or hire a pro. Either way, this lesson will help!

A website build or comprehensive update can be a pretty daunting project. If you aren’t already comfortable with the technology it can be a steep learning curve. And getting the technology and the creative design in harmony is a whole other thing. Is it do-able?

DIY Challenges:

Here’s what I hear most often from my clients, in case it’s helpful for you to hear. The two things that usually lead them to hire me are:

1. Learning how to use the website builder platform (even that one they heard was soooo easy) is taking way more time and energy than they thought it would and they’re getting really @!*%$ frustrated.

2. They figured out the builder and put together some web pages but their website is not looking the way they imagined. They’re not satisfied that it is a good representation of what they offer to the world.

I mention these two things because I hear them often, and you might want to consider them before you travel too far down the DIY road. All learning is valuable, but sometimes the time trade-off is not worth it when it comes to getting your business launched.

Okay let’s get to the good stuff! Many people can and do make beautiful websites for themselves, especially when they already have a flair for design, and when they already feel comfortable with the tech stuff. Here are the most important steps to creating a website that will call in your ideal clients effortlessly! (Get comfy and grab a beverage… this lesson is a long one!)

Steps To Create a Website that will Call In your Ideal Clients Effortlessly:

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Planning for your website can include the following considerations. (Copy and paste these prompts into a working document so you can spend time reflecting and filling in the answers specific to your business.)

♦ What do you want your business to be best known for? What is it that makes you, your business, and therefore your website unique and recognizable? In other words, how will you bring your ‘voice’ and values into your gorgeous website?

♦ Revisit your ideal client profile. Who exactly are you speaking to in the written copy on your website? Who’s out there looking for exactly what you offer and how will you grab their attention? This part of your planning is not about ‘who have you served so far’. It’s about your DREAM client. The one who is so thrilled to work with you, happy to pay what you’re worth, and whole-heartedly recommends you to others all the time.

♦ What is the purpose of your new website? What do you want these ideal clients to do once they land there? You might want them to go to a sales page where they can buy your program right then and there. You might want them to book a discovery call with you. Maybe your primary goal is to send them to your YouTube channel or get them to subscribe to your email list. This part of the planning is oh so important, so take your time with it.

♦ Create a Wireframe. Now, use the planned purpose of your site to map out your website pages. How many pages will you have in the main menu? Will there be some sub-pages? After that, you’ll want to map out roughly what content is needed for each page. Do this in sections, considering what you need to cover on any given page and in what order these things will appear. For example, your “about page” might have a section about you, a section about the special work you do, a section that showcases podcasts or blogs you’ve been featured in, and a contact or ‘book a discovery call’ section. The possibilities are endless and you get to decide… this is your digital baby!

Step 2: Conjure Content

Creating amazing, aligned, attractive (to your ideal clients) content for your website is the next step to take. This is going to take some time and effort, and it’s worth it! Your content is primarily your written copy and images.

Trust me when I say you will want to invest in some professional photos of yourself for your website. I hear your objections and excuses already… don’t worry, I understand. But here’s the thing. Two things, in fact:

Your website needs photos of you. Your ideal clients want and need to see you, beautiful soul. You simply will not get those amazing clients pouring in if you don’t have images of yourself on your website. That’s it. Sorry.

Your photos need to look as lovely as possible. You might want to wear some of your brand colors, and you might want to invest in having a pro do your hair and makeup. Because you are going to want to invest in those professional brand photos. It’s going to make allll the difference in the world on your website, and you’re going to feel soooo much better about having those images on there for all to see when they are professionally shot, touched up, and have that beautiful lighting and all the right angles.

Write your copy using your authentic voice, and speak directly to your ideal client. Write in the singular, because ultimately it’s just one person reading your webpage, and they would love to feel like you see them, like you’re speaking to their heart, and like you really get them!

The Complete Website Creation Cauldron

Everything you need to DIY it...

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Download your comprehensive set of instructions, worksheets, and copywriting guides to create a gorgeous website and stir up a little practical magic of your own!

Step 3: Create and Design

Oh my goddess, here comes the fun part! At least, it should be fun. If you’re struggling too much with your website building platform or stuck on how to make your design look the way you envisioned it, get an estimate for working with me.

You’ll want to bring in all those magical branding and aligned design elements we talked about in previous emails.

Use your colors, use your voice, and hold your dream client in your mind’s eye as you put together your written copy, images, and design elements in a way that represents you authentically and beautifully.

Don’t forget to break up your written copy into nice little bite-sized chunks with lots of headings, to make it feel like a magazine and help your reader’s eye follow it all the way down the page.

 It’s important to ensure your site is “mobile responsive” meaning it can be viewed easily and beautifully no matter what device is being used to do the viewing. Most website building platforms (also called Content Management System or CMS) will automatically optimize your content to be viewed on mobile devices.

 Include a clear and simple “call to action” (CTA) on each of your pages. This might be “book a free consult” with a link or button, or perhaps it’s a signup form for you to collect email addresses to market to the folks who are interested. (More about that coming next in Part 5!)

 Make your “user experience” very clean and clear at all times. Your main menu should be uncluttered and your links and buttons should be minimal and purposeful. Your fonts should be readable and your design elements should support, not distract.

Step 4: Test, Review, Edit, and Launch!

Once it’s pretty much ready to launch, you’ll want to get someone you trust to take a look for you, or you can have me look it over and offer feedback and suggestions.

Be sure to test all the links in the site to make sure they take your viewer to the right place.

Re-read your copy with fresh eyes and take a fresh look at your layout, and do any final editing.

If you know someone who fits the description of your dream client, I recommend asking them to take a look through it and to share their impressions and feedback with you.

Be gentle with yourself and soften your ego during this part… you’ve done a LOT of work on this baby and it’s going to be hard to hear that it’s anything less than perfect. But as long as you’re asking the right people (ideal clients and web pros) that feedback is so, so worth a bruised ego.

Okay, let’s wrap it up here… you’ve absorbed a LOT of information in this lesson and it will take some time to implement it all. If it’s feeling overwhelming just remember to take it one step at a time, and come back again and again to your authentic values and voice… do not lose sight of that foundation! If you get overwhelmed or decide you want some help, I am just a click or zoom chat away!

Understanding Websites | The Technical Stuff

This bonus page summarizes some of the more technical aspects of creating your website! Wait until there’s room in your brain for more information, then read and learn.

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