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Part 3: Aligned Design

Part 3: Aligned Design

The design elements of your website, social media graphics, and business cards or pamphlets are another important aspect of your brand, and another way that you call in your ideal clients effortlessly. You’ll want to choose design elements that speak to the values and voice of your business, and that echo your logo. Your design choices help signal to your dream clients that you are the one they’ve been looking for.

For graphic accents, some things to consider are whether the design elements of your brand are curvy and feminine, angular and masculine, bold and forceful, light and airy, etcetera. You’ll want to incorporate your brand colors of course, and depending on the nature of your logo, you can sometimes use one part or layer of your logo in your graphics.

Another thing to consider is to what extent you will use your logo, your colors, and other graphic accents in your website and other media. You may choose to keep your design elements very minimal for a more serious look, such as for lawyer, therapist, or medical clinic websites. Or your brand and voice might be unapologetically loud and colorful, in which case you can get a little crazy with the use of brand colors and design elements. You need just enough, and not too much. Either way these options can be tricky to execute in a way that acts as a signal in the dark for your ideal people.

Online Magic can be Tricky Business

If you find that you’re getting stuck or lost in the details please remember I’m here to help. If you’re DIYing it we can still have a consultation session to help you get clear about what you need to do.
Consultation sessions are where we spend an hour together laser-focused on your business and the questions you have. You’ll send me what you have so far, before our meeting, so I can do all my research and be ready to hit the ground running with you in our session!
If that’s already resonating with you, book our time here:

As you create your graphics and prepare your images, be sure to always save your designs in a few different versions:

1. A working version with layers intact

2. A ‘flattened’ and ‘rasterized’ version in a large file size

3. A ‘flattened’ and ‘rasterized’ version in a small file size that is optimized for fast loading on your website

When it comes to the practice of graphic design there are few things worse than having a big heavy slow-to-load website, or discovering that you would like to make a small change to your design but you did not save the working file and will have to start from scratch!

Energy Matters

One last thing to consider is the magic you are infusing in your aligned design. As I create graphics for clients I hold their vision and values in mind and I allow my inspiration to come from that. I energetically infuse the website design and logo design with visions of a thriving, highly profitable, highly effective and difference-making business. I would encourage you to do the same as you create yours. So be conscious of things like the music you are playing while you design, the environment you’re working in, whether you’re hopped up on coffee or zenned out with herbal tea, and any other factors that you notice contributing to the energy of the project.

If you’re considering creating your own website, or you’re already in the thick of it, you are not going to want to miss Part Four. That’s coming up next!!

Practical Stuff

Design Tools

If you don’t already have a favorite design tool, two easy and user-friendly platforms I recommend are Canva and PicMonkey. Both have similar features, are intuitive to learn, and are fun to use.

Website Builders

Website building platform options include WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix. The next lesson is going to dive much deeper into how to create an aligned and magic-infused website, so stay tuned for that!

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