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Part 2: Conscious Branding

Part 2: How to Build your Brand Consciously

Today we’re talking about your brand. Branding is one of those funny things that is both not vital in order for you to start your biz (so no procrastinating, okay!?) and also so very important to your business from a psychological standpoint.

Your brand is how other people perceive you and your business. If you don’t consciously craft your brand, you leave it up to others to perceive you and your business however they happen to. But when you purposefully choose and build your brand, you are deciding how they perceive you.

Your brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s the culmination of your business’s actions, message, voice, values, personality, consistency, and visuals. You can (and will!) craft these things consciously so that people have a positive perception of your business. This leads them to feel comfortable working with you and they are more likely to stay loyal and become repeat clients. They will also be more comfortable about recommending you highly and spreading some amazing word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf…

For free… like magic!

(Most of my clients come to me through word of mouth recommendations… I spend almost nothing on advertising.)

Like anything with any substance and longevity, branding gathers steam for your business gradually rather than in an explosion of fireworks. People need time to get to know you and to witness your consistent voice. And don’t worry if up until now your branding has been a bit like a 4-year-old got a hold of your cauldron, (you know, throwing in leaves and sticks and candies and a toy or two) – now is your time to get clear and energetically aligned in your business brand.

“Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway”

– Earl Nightengale

So. You start this Conscious Branding today.

But how?

Here are some Concrete Steps to take:


Decide on a few colors to use and a couple complimentary fonts, and stick with them. Use them everywhere… your website, social media, printed materials, and your business cards.

See the ‘Dive in Deeper’ section below for more about choosing colors.


Know who your ideal client is. Your ideal client and how you help them is your ‘niche’.

What type of person do you help, and what specific problem do you help them with? What do they struggle with most? How does their struggle leave them feeling? How do they wish they felt instead?

Speak to these challenges and desires in your written content and marketing material. Avoid fancy language and just be very, very clear and specific. Speak to them as if they are your one and only client, and use the same words they use.


Get clear about your brand’s voice, personality, and energetic signature, and stick to it with dogged consistency. Are you edgy and badass? Are you the nurturing mamma? Are you the gaming nerd turned consultant? Are you the flowy spiritual goddess?

Choose something that is a genuine aspect of yourself, a way of being that comes sooo easily and naturally to you, and embody this personality throughout your business. 

All your writing, graphics, and videos should represent your brand voice.


Get clear about what your brand believes in. What are the values of your business? How closely do these values align with your own personal ideals? (Hint: the correct answer is “very closely”). How do these ideals differentiate your brand from everyone else out there?

And how do these ideals resonate so strongly with your ideal clients that it feels like the Universe sent you to them?

Of course there is more to branding than these four points, but reflecting on and answering all these prompts will give you a solid foundation from which to begin.

And when your business brand is attuned and aligned with your own energy body you are free to run your business-baby as easily as stirring honey into your tea. It becomes a part of who you are, fits into your life seamlessly, and attracts the people and projects that are an easy and natural fit. Whew… that calls for a deep breath of relief!

Coming your way in Part Three… we’re going to look at elements of authentic design, styling choices for your brand based on the type of business you run, and we’ll touch on how to infuse your designs with a little practical magic!

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Dive in Deeper


What colors resonate with you and feel both calming and energizing when you look at them? Are there two or three that have this effect on you? How do they fit with each other? When you look at them together and get yourself centered and breathing and drop all the “thoughts”… do they feel harmonized? If not, how could they be adjusted so that they are harmonious?

Pay close attention to what you are looking at or considering in those magical moments when you feel a wave of peace or serenity or happy excitement.


What are your values? What are the values of your business? This is way beyond ‘making money’ (although that will flow too, and you will embrace it). This is about what you truly believe in. What you want to see in the world. This is about what makes life worth living.

Write or draw your reflections and see where your own values and the values of your business intersect. That intersection is where the magic happens.

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