Call in Your Dream Clients

Part 1: Finding Your Authentic Voice

Part 1: How to Find Your Authentic Voice

As promised, we’re going to dive right into this series that is all about using a little practical and energetic magick to call in your dream clients. When you think about the term “calling in”, I’m guessing one of the first things that comes to mind is using your voice. So that’s where we’ll start! Part 1 is all about identifying and consistently using your authentic “voice” for success in your business.

As I wrote to you in your welcome email, being your unique and authentic self is not only the easiest way to call in your people, but it’s the most effective as well. Kind of a win-win, really.

Before we delve into your beautiful voice and how to use it, let’s look at the three most common ways that this little spell goes terribly wrong.

Mistakes We Make:

1. One of the biggest mistakes coaches, healers, and influencers make (and the reason they don’t thrive in their online business) is trying to be like everyone else. If you’re naturally a soft-spoken introvert, not only are you going to suck at being sassy and crass like coach so-and-so, but it’s going to feel awful as well. And if your natural style is a hilariously sarcastic tomboy you’re going to hate trying to be like that breathy, flowy, poetic yoga teacher and nobody’s going to buy it anyway.

2. Another way in which people fail to call in their dream clients effortlessly is that they are inconsistent with their voice. I totally understand that we are all multifaceted humans with many gifts, and we can wear many different hats. I myself can be silly and playful in one moment and seriously analytical in the next. But when you show up sassy one day and sweet the next, it just doesn’t work in business. It’s as bad as using one set of colors on your website and a whole different palette on social media… it’s confusing and off-putting to everyone other than your mom.

3. The last thing that holds us back is fear. Fear is a very real and normal part of launching a new business, don’t get me wrong. But when we allow fear to hold us back from successful integrity marketing, it becomes a big problem. The most common fear poisoning this magical equation is that of being vulnerable; of speaking our truth; of being seen. Being known, and the feelings of vulnerability that go along with it, are an absolutely non-negotiable aspect of using your authentic voice.

So, Here’s how to Identify, Develop, and Use your Beautiful Authentic Voice:

Be your Divine Self.

If you’re a quiet and gentle soul, own that shit. If you’re sassy AF, rock it with a smile. It’s so important that you wholeheartedly embrace who you are, because promoting a brand in a way that feels fake is a sure way to lose momentum and scare away your people.

Be Consistently You.

This is the time to stop trying on other people’s hats. This is your moment to put down the heavy burden of performing in a way you were told to. Consistency can take some practice. Being truly You day in and day out is likely not how the world raised you. But this is the perfect time to grow into yourself and be consistent about it. Be yourself in every blog post, every video, every email.

Whew… are you breathing a sigh of relief at the thought of this?!

Be Brave.

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear. We are only brave when we do the thing despite the fear. Putting yourself out there will be scary. That first negative comment will sting. Those critical voices (mostly your own, right?!) will try to hold you back. Sharing your photo, your mission, your authentic voice… it will be nerve-wracking. And you will do it anyway. Because, with a little taste of integrity marketing you’ll quickly realize there’s no other viable option.

It’s truly magical how easy business can feel when your heart is aligned with your brand’s message, personality, and visual style.

Coming up in Part 2 we’re going to talk about conscious branding… what it’s all about, where to start, and how to get crystal clear so your dream clients can spot you from a mile away!

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Dive in Deeper

The ABC’s of integrity marketing:
  • Authentic
  • Brave
  • Consistent.
Reflection 1:

What words describe your authentic “voice”? Make a list and let them flow without overthinking. Then, re-read them later and narrow down to 3 to 5 words that are truly, authentically you.

Reflection 2:

How do your friends and colleagues describe you? What words would they use? Send out a message or take a poll and see what you get. Are there any duplicates? Any surprises?

Reflection 3:

If your brand voice had a color, a taste, or a texture, what would it be? How would you describe your brand voice in these sensual, three-dimensional terms?

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