Call in Your Dream Clients


a Free 6-Part Email Learning Series

Learn How to Get Your Counselling Practice Online and Use Authentic Design, Branding, and Marketing as a Form of ‘Practical Magic’ for Success in Your Business.

This free 6-part email learning series will help you to understand the magic of integrity marketing to call in your ideal clients!

From start to finish, build your practice authentically:

  • Finding Your Authentic Voice
  • Conscious Branding
  • Devine Design
  • Create Your Website
  • Authentic Email Marketing
  • wIntegrity in Social Media

    Thank you thank you! This series is excellent.

    I was amazed by the amount of information and how clear it was. I now have a much better understanding of what is needed to build a business and website in a way that feels true to me.

    I liked reading it online instead of in my email, so it’s great to have that option. Actually, I can see this being made into a book! It’s well-written and helpful… thank you again!

    Judy V