The Celtic Wheel of the Year


Nature’s Business Planner

For Business

Have You Wondered Why Your Business Ebbs and Flows?

Why clients come easily sometimes and dry up entirely at other times?

If it’s Okay That You Fall In & Out of LOVE with Your Business?

Have you wondered what you should be doing when, to best nurture yourself, your clients, and your income?

Maybe you’re tired of Hustle Culture.

Tired of the elite ‘bro’ entrepreneur persona.

Maybe you’re tired of the linear, masculine approach to marketing and bookkeeping.

But that’s all there is when it comes to running a successful business, right?


The Earth has Answers for You

Bring a Sense of Purpose, Alignment, and Connection to Your Business

As the seasons come and go throughout the year, they provide us with guidance and energetic influences. Some periods in the year are better for producing, and some are better for resting. There are times in the year when the energy is fertile and abundant, and times when it is right and natural to allow a period of dormancy.

Just as the ancients used this wisdom to guide them in planting and harvesting crops, making journeys and unions, and planning for what is to come, we can apply these principles for entrepreneurial success. You can find wisdom and guidance in the Wheel of the Year to help you grow your small business, coaching practice, or healing clinic in a way that is sustainable and effective, because it is aligned with the powerful natural cycles of the Earth.

    Wheel of the Year Book | Physis Publishing

    How the Wheel of the Year can Assist You in Your Business:

    • Alignment with Natural Cycles
    • Enhanced Creativity and Inspiration
    • Cultivation of Mindfulness and Intention
    • Connection to Clients and Community
    • Personal Growth and Development

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