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You + Us = Business Love 

You Have Something Important to Offer the World.

You’re already making a difference, whether or not you realize it.

You are.

And this world needs people like you.

It’s time to amplify that magic you do.

We help counsellors, healers and difference-makers create or level-up their website ~ including their brand and messaging ~ so they can fill their practice, raise their prices, and work with their favorite clients.

With 20+ years of experience in web design and visual arts, plus a master’s degree in psychology, you can count on us to get you to your next level with an enchanting online realm built on a rock solid foundation

You don’t have to feel your way through this and figure out how to DIY everything. I mean, you can if you want to… many new entrepreneurs do it. They download all the free guides, they binge-watch the YouTube videos, they ‘follow’ a heap of coaches on Facebook. They get the gist of it over time, but months and even years go by without any real action because they’re still trying to put that thing together without the instructions.

Let’s bypass that whole mess, shall we?

It’s okay if you’re not sure where or how to start… our forté is launching & upleveling your practice.

You Deserve to Serve the World in a way that is Fulfilling and Sustainable for You.

To have your people… the ones you love working with… come seeking you out and ‘advertising’ for you with raving reviews and word-of-mouth.

Before you know it you have an organic flow of dream clientele and you’re doing work you love in a business that is perfectly aligned with your values.

You’ve found Freedom, Meaning, and Purpose.

Can you picture it?

Design    Psychology    Magic

Hi! I’m Lynn… founder here at Physis Publishing, a boutique creative studio dedicated to bringing the vision of healers, helpers and difference-makers to the online space so they can have the impact, freedom, and abundance they crave.

I’m a visual artist with a passion for website design, a master’s degree in psychology with a background in therapy, and shamanic initiation. I weave these threads together in all that I do, using practical psychology and a touch of magic to infuse your website with your energetic signature… so your ideal clients will resonate with you immediately.

Lynn sitting in her garden office

When I’m not weaving the energetic threads of change and abundance online, you’ll probably find me up to my elbows in soil out in my garden. I’m an amateur herbalist and a green witch; plants and animals are my fam! I’m also an aspiring homesteader and I love geeking out about food sovereignty, preserving, wild foraging and seed saving. And if I’m not digging in the dirt or talking to the animals I’m probably off on a roadtrip in my mini campervan. I’m a huge coffee snob, so tell me where to find the perfect espresso in your area and you might see me there!

Gratefully living & working as an ally on the traditional and unceded territories of the Hul’q’umi’num’ peoples. Born and raised on the traditional and unceded territories of the Syilx peoples.

I am so glad I chose Lynn to be my web designer. We originally worked together when I opened my private counselling practice, and it was a no-brainer to hire her again when I expanded into a private practice coaching business.

She makes the process practically effortless with her patience, wise advice, professionalism and creativity. Lynn truly creates online magic, and I am so grateful that I found her!

Jill Culver

Private Practice Roadmap

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic

We work with one client at a time so you get the white-gloves VIP business building experience you deserve!


Let’s start by finding out if we’re a great fit ↓

After a bad experience with a web designer, I was wary of jumping in again. But working with Lynn was easy and enjoyable. Most importantly, she was able to capture the essence of my brand and message. She handled the technical updates that I didn’t know how to manage but also contributed valuable design feedback. I now have a product that I am proud to share with my prospects and referral partners. I will definitely be working with Lynn again!

Nicole Cooley

Nicole Cooley, Money Coach

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