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You + Us = Business Love 

You Have Something Important to Offer the World.

You’re already making a difference, whether or not you realize it.

You are.

And this world needs people like you.

It’s time to amplify that magic you do.

We can help you get a super strong start in a way that is integral and aligned so your people will know you when they see you… so they’ll immediately feel the connection!

With 20 years of experience in web design business creation blogging visual arts  online marketing  creating online courses  and generally conjuring business magic, plus a master’s degree in psychology, you can count on us to get you from that first spark of inspiration to a launched business with a beautiful presence and a solid foundation 

You don’t have to feel your way through this and figure out how to DIY everything. I mean, you can if you want to… many new entrepreneurs do it. They download all the free guides, they binge-watch the YouTube videos, they ‘follow’ a heap of coaches on Facebook. They get the gist of it over time, but months and even years go by without any real action because they’re still trying to put that thing together without the instructions.

Let’s bypass that whole mess, shall we?

It’s okay if you’re not sure where or how to start… our forté is business building.

You Deserve to Serve the World in a way that is Fulfilling and Sustainable for You.

To have your people… the ones you love working with… come seeking you out and ‘advertising’ for you with raving reviews and word-of-mouth.

Before you know it you have an organic flow of dream clientele and you’re doing work you love in a business that is perfectly aligned with your values.

You’ve found Freedom, Meaning, and Purpose.

Can you picture it?

Professional Design    Psychology

Lynn is a visual artist with a longstanding passion for website and graphic design, and a master’s degree in psychology.

And there are few things Lynn loves more than weaving these two professions together, bringing deepest hopes and dreams to life with gorgeous designs that speak directly to your people.

When she isn’t weaving online magic she’s watering hundreds of houseplants, collecting wild bird feathers, road-tripping in her campervan, and hunting for the next perfect latte.

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Lynn did a fantastic job on my logo and website. They reflect my personality perfectly.

She was always quick when I needed her to be, and patient when I needed time. She also gave me lots of guidance with my website content, which I really needed. Then she even made a detailed video walking me through the backend of my website, showing me how to edit things myself (although I usually have her do my updates, since I’m also using her hosting services).

Wonderful service and experience, all around. Highly recommend!


Woodhaven Law

We are Boutique Graphic Design with a Flair for Casting Visual Spells and Stirring up Business Magic

We take on a small number of new clients and projects per month so that you get the white-glove, VIP, individualized, specialized experience.


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