What is Practical Magic for Business?

Align and Bless Your Business for Success

What’s this business magic thing all about, anyway?

A lot of people use the hashtag #businessmagic to refer to the ways they improve the success of their own business, or that of their clients. I think that’s fabulous, and I say it too. 

But when I use the term ‘business magic’, I’m also referring to, literally, practical magic for business. The #witchy stuff. But don’t worry, there’s nothing sinister or manipulative about practical magic for business. It’s simply a way to align yourself in ‘right relationship’ with the universe (for me that’s usually through Nature) so that your business is more apt to thrive, and so that you are more likely to thrive within it.

Don’t get me wrong…

That doesn’t mean you don’t need tight marketing with great CTAs, high-converting sales funnels, and a solid overall business plan. I’ll help you with that stuff too. Good vibes alone do not bring in all the clients. Practical magic rituals are something you can ADD to your other solid business growth strategies to support your own motivation and divine inspiration in your business.

There are so many ways to practice practical magic for the good of your business. If you are someone who already has some little rituals, prayers, or practices that support the energetic health of your existence, you can likely apply very similar things to your business. Unfortunately many people don’t think to do this. Or they think it’s a great idea but they don’t actively engage.

Implementing a Little Business Magic of Your Own

If it’s all new to you, take a moment to think about your workspace and work habits. And try not to overthink it. For example: while you’re working, are you breathing deeply or are you holding your breath? And if you start purposely letting your breath flow deeply in and out, do you realize that you can add a little INTENTION to make it into a practical magic ritual? It’s as simple as “inhaling inspiration and exhaling stagnation” or “inhaling prosperity and exhaling difficulties”. Whatever resonates for you.

Using a Talisman

You might also have a ‘talisman’ that you keep in your workspace and hold in your hand for a moment before you get to work. You can charge your talisman by bringing it out in nature to a body of water or sun-baked rock, spend some time meditating with it right there in front of you, and focus on infusing it with whatever power you would like it to have. For example, you can charge a talisman that reminds you to be open and persistent in your life and business, or one that reminds you “it is SAFE for me to SUCCEED”. A talisman can be any little object such as a rock, a crystal, a pendant… anything really. What matters is that it is infused with a helpful intention.

Give it a try, if you don’t practice ritual already, and see how it feels. Go with your instincts and don’t overthink it… you were born for this. It’s already in your DNA to practice practical magic.

I would love to hear from you… what are your business magic rituals? Oftentimes we are engaging in rituals already and we’re simply not aware that’s what we’re doing. If you are human, no matter where your people came from originally, you have ritual in your ancestral memory… and an innate drive to engage and create.

And if you’re trying this for the first time I would LOVE to hear about your experience! Go forth and stir a little magic into your private practice, coaching practice, or business.

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